Highland Spring

Fuel your thirst for adventue Fuel your thirst for adventue
6 wild-life bottles to collect

Are you a keen explorer?

Is your imagination nearly always on? Do you quite love playing outside? Then join Annie and Archie and the Wild-Life Gang to solve a puzzle or two as they stumble across all sorts of adventures in the Ochil Hills.

Nature is a pretty MASSIVE playground. Take one of their FREE Activity Guides with you when you next head out, because there’s always something new to discover - if you know where to look.

Wild-life bottle

Meet the Wild-Life Gang

There are 8 characters to collect. Have you met everyone?

  • Archie


    Archie never stops being curious and using his creativity to always find the best route home.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Master den builder.

  • Annie


    Annie is an all-terrain mud-lover. Into biking, hiking and puddle-jumping.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Fastest legs on two wheels.

  • Brett


    Nocturnal rebel. Bold and brave. Everything is black and white, except his ideas.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Powerful imagination.

  • Robbie


    Loves fun in any form. Regularly thumps out messages to his 800 siblings.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Cracking code breaker.

  • Fi


    Fi is quietly clever. Never loses her cool, and never ever gives up on a friend.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Can hear things under the ground.

  • Sandy


    Strong, brave and loyal. Powerful swimmer, runs at 40mph and jumps 3 metres.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Very, very, very good hearing.

  • Mo


    Certainly not in the dark about nature, but has been known to dig her way into trouble.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Good at hiding.

  • Olivia


    The group lookout. Far-sighted and flies almost silently. Impossible to surprise.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Amazing memory and map-reader.

Join the adventure

  • >The problem of the puzzling codeword

    Can you crack the den codeword?

    Robbie is a cracking code-breaker. He's made a secret codeword. Can you help the Wild-Life Gang crack it so you can all enter the den?

  • The mystery of the storytelling stick

    The bother with the bouncy heather

    Annie was cycling so fast she's dropped something. Can you help her work out where to start looking?

    Coming Soon

Brave by Nature

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