Highland Spring

New Kids Eco Bottle

Our Kids Eco Bottles are made of 100% recycled* plastic and are 100% recyclable! Available in 6 x 330ml packs, you’ll find the Wild-Life gang on each bottle, ready to help your little ones understand the importance of recycling. Another step forward in our mission to provide healthy hydration choices in environmentally sustainable ways.

*Bottle is 100% recycled plastic. Label and cap are not made from recycled plastic. Bottle, label and cap are 100% recyclable.

The new eco bottle

Become a recycling hero


Play our latest game to become a recycling hero with Archie and Annie who are on a mission to teach everyone the importance of recycling.

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Meet the Wild-Life Gang

There are 6 characters to collect. Have you met everyone?

  • Archie


    Archie never stops being curious and using his creativity to always find the best route home.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Master den builder.

  • Annie


    Annie is an all-terrain mud-lover. Into biking, hiking and puddle-jumping.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Fastest legs on two wheels.

  • Brett


    Nocturnal rebel. Bold and brave. Everything is black and white, except his ideas.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Powerful imagination.

  • Robbie


    Loves fun in any form. Regularly thumps out messages to his 800 siblings.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Cracking code breaker.

  • Fi


    Fi is quietly clever. Never loses her cool, and never ever gives up on a friend.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Can hear things under the ground.

  • Sandy


    Strong, brave and loyal. Powerful swimmer, runs at 40mph and jumps 3 metres.

    Outdoor Greatness

    Very, very, very good hearing.

Brave by Nature

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